Oil and Gas Exploration and Production - An Overview

In Upstream: Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, industry expert Levonne Louie simplifies and demystifies this area of the oil and gas sector for readers in Canada and beyond. In her straightforward, easy-to-follow guide, Louie presents an overview of the fundamental and essential components of what is known as the upstream part of the industry, explaining how exploration for oil and natural gas is done and how the products are produced.

An experienced consultant, author, and speaker, Levonne Louie addresses complex questions with ease and a penchant for the plain and simple – from how geologists decide where to focus the exploration, to the acquisition of mineral and surface rights, to how production of oil and gas occurs, and the impact of global factors on the industry. Building on the success of her first book – Mineral Land Rights: What You Need to KnowUpstream is an indispensable guide for everyday readers and industry members alike.

“I discussed issues related to mineral rights and the oil and gas industry many times in my twelve years in the House of Commons. Before meeting Levonne Louie, then reading her book, I had not realized how much I didn’t know. Now after reading this book I wish I could have those discussions over again. I would present the issues with much more confidence and accuracy. Upstream is easy to understand and loaded with important facts.”
Randy White, former Member of Parliament

“Understanding an industry requires that one learn its language. In the context of the oil and gas industry, Ms. Louie has authored a valuable immersion experience.”
Sean E.D. Fairhurst, Partner, MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman LLP

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