Levonne Louie is an authority in the field of mineral rights and land ownership, and shares her knowledge through writing, speaking and teaching. Possessing more than 37 years of experience on the land side of the oil and gas industry, she has published two books to fulfill what she sees as her mission:  to demystify the oil and gas industry.  Mineral Land Rights: What You Need to Know is an effort to pass along her mineral rights experience and learning. With a knack for making complex topics simple, Levonne Louie provides both landowners and all members of the oil and gas industry—both in Alberta and Western Canada—with a guide that has already been described as “timely,” “useful” and “definitive.”  Her most recent book, Upstream: Oil and Gas Exploration and Production: An Overview, passes on the knowledge she has gained about the upstream part of the oil and gas industry in plain, simple language.

“Easy to understand and loaded with important facts.”
Randy White, former Member of Parliament

“In the context of the oil and gas industry, Ms. Louie has authored a valuable immersion experience.”
Sean E.D. Fairhurst, Partner, MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman LLP


“A useful book for landowners and industry members alike.”
David Younggren, QC, lawyer and landowner

“Get informed quickly with this plain-language guide to mineral land.”
Joan Dornian, oil and gas lawyer



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